Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

I'd like to point out that the young man who helped me was very kind and helpful. My plane was late and he didn't just shut the door on me but rather went above and beyond to be of great service. I was very grateful for his sensitivity to client's needs. I wish I had his name as it's always nice to know when an employee goes above and beyond.

J.K. 22nd June 2015

Please note my iPad has been found and I will be collecting it from the Birmingham office tomorrow morning. Thanks to all for the excellent service I have received when calling over the last few days.

M.H. 24th February 2015

Hi, I just wanted to say how GREAT D & K were in helping me to recover my lost laptop on Thursday 4th June. D in particular was incredibly helpful in tracking the (very important!) laptop down. Great to see such proactive and helpful customer service! Please pass them both my thanks!

J.U. 13th June 2015

Hello I've just spoken to a lovely girl called J through lost luggage at the airport due to my dad left his black iPhone 4 in a black leather case at customs. J confirmed with me that it was indeed his phone and gave me the instructions to contact you. My dad flew with you today Iphone 4 black in a black leather case Thank you very much for your professional and polite staff

N.C. 17th August 2014

I just wanted to write to commend the excellent service I received today from Luggage Point. When I realised I had lost my driving licence on my return journey from Palma 5 days ago, I contacted the Spanish car hire company and checked the Edinburgh Airport website. I phoned the Airport number provided and was astounded to have my call answered immediately in person. C W was friendly and extremely helpful and not only confirmed on his computer that they had my lost document. The service he provided was outstanding and I would like to congratulate him and the airport on the efficiency of the lost and found department.

J.W. 6th April 2014

Dear Team, Thank you very much for sorting out and sending my lost iPad, which arrived safely in Portsmouth yesterday via an excellent courier service. I am very impressed with your efficiency and helpfulness.

S.F. 12th May 2015

A note to compliment you and all your staff over first-class efficiency over the recovery of my rucksack which I lost when returning from Germany some weeks ago. Their e-mails and service was exceptional. I had given up after some three weeks when I received the e-mail notifying me that it had appeared. If only all other services were so efficient and friendly. Best wishes to all your staff. The two I saw last Saturday at about 07:15hrs were superb.

B.M. 24th July 2014

Thank you for finding my lost black messenger bag, I, am delighted to get it back the contents of the bag are in tact so pleased with your great service Thank you again

G.G. 24 February 2015

Just wanted to let you know I found my glasses at home after all!!!!! But by way of feedback I found Luggage point staff excellent. Thanks for all your help.

D.O. 16th September 2014

Dear Guys, Many thanks for getting my laptop and glasses back. You are doing a great job and the way you handled my phone conversations and your constant effort and help to get the laptop back was really awesome. If I will lose my laptop or anything else which is very precious I will do it on my flight to Glasgow:-)

G.K. 25th June 2015