Left Luggage

For all that you CAN leave behind


Items will be stored at the following rates:

Are you going to be in the terminal for periods of time with loads of heavy luggage? Luggage-Point’s Left Luggage service provides secure long or short term storage for your valuables for the duration of your time in the airport, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Simply check your items in with the Luggage-Point team and leave feeling safe in the knowledge that your valuables are being looked after by our dedicated and experienced team.

Category A
Small Items – Up to 17.5cm x 26cm (Phones, Wallets etc)
1 Day £2.00 per item
1 Week £7.50 per item
Category B
Medium Items – Up to 29.5cm x 44cm (Bottles, Handbags etc)
1 Day £2.50 per item
1 Week £10.00 per item
Category C
Items Larger than Category B (Suitcases, Prams etc)
Between 1 and 4 Hours £4.50 per item
Between 4 and 8 Hours £8.00 per item
1 Day £10.00 per item
1 Week – 4 Weeks £50.00 per item per week
4 Weeks + £25.00 per item per week

*Oversized items will be charged at double the standard rate

Alternatively, use our Shipping service to have your items sent onto your destination or back to your home address. See our Shipping page for more information.

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